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Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Crowes, Beacon Theater, 3-22-1995 (SBD)

This is my favorite Black Crowes recording.  WHAT MAKES THIS SHOW ESSENTIAL: This show almost never happened as Chris and Rich came to blows before the show.  They were ready to cancel the show, the rest of the tour, and were convinced to make this the last show of the band’s career (cooler heads prevailed afterwards and the tour went on).  It has been said that the opening Cursed Diamond, featuring only Chris and Rich, was the song that saved the band.  You can feel the passion through the whole show.  The next three acoustic songs are great and then the Thorn's progress Jam is great.  And the sound quality is real nice.  If you are a Black Crowes fan this is a must, if you are not then you might be after listening to this. 

Black Crowes
Beacon Theater
The Break-Up (almost) show!

disc 1
01. Cursed Diamond (acoustic - Chris & Rich only)
02. She (acoustic)
03. She Talks To Angels (acoustic)
04. Waitin’ Guilty (acoustic)
05. Thorn’s Progress Jam >
06. Thorn In My Pride
07. My Morning Song
08. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye *
09. Sometimes Salvation

disc 2
01. P.25 London
02. She Gave Good Sunflower
03. High Head Blues
04. Sting Me *
05. Twice As Hard *
06. Stare It Cold *
07. Seeing Things
08. Could I’ve Been so Blind
09. Champagne N’ Reefer
10. Remedy

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