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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good Bye Gregg. . . Thanks

Well another great musical influence of my life has passed away.  Gregg Allman.  I first really got into the Allman Brothers when my sister turned me on to Eat A Peach over the holidays in December of 1973.  I was hooked.  And through the music came that soulful voice of Gregg.  From then on Gregg was a part of the soundtrack of my life and his songs remind me of many of the times I have spent.  His songs like Mellissa, Dreams, Ain't Wastin Time No More, and Midnight Rider are all forever entwined into the memories of my life.  And the soulful sound of his voice that could express such feeling.  Gregg was one of the greats, and there are very few of them left.  Thanks Gregg, I hope your music lives on.  And Gregg "I Ain't Waistin Time No More", thanks for the advice. 
Last Sunday morning, the sunshine felt like rain
The week before, they all seemed the same
With the help of God and true friends, I've come to realize
I still have two strong legs, and even wings to fly
So I, ain't a-wastin time no more
'Cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things
Well, Lord, Lord, Miss Sally, why all your cryin'?
Been around here three long days, lookin' like we're dyin'
Go step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above
And go on downtown, baby, find somebody to love
Meanwhile, I ain't a-wastin' time no more
'Cause time goes by like pouring rain, and much faster things
You don't need no gypsy to tell you why
Ya can't let one precious day to slip by
Well, look inside yourself, and if you don't see what you want
Maybe sometimes then ya don't
But, leave your mind alone and just get high
Well, by and by, way after many years have gone
And all the war freaks die off, leavin' us alone
We'll raise our children, in the peaceful way we can
It's up to you and me brother
To try and try again
So, hear us now, we ain't wastin' time no more
'Cause time rolls by like hurricanes
Runnin' after the subway train
Don't forget the pourin' rain

Here is one of the first concerts I posted on this blog way back when I first started.  It is a great example of The Allman Brothers, from that time period.  Hard to believe they lasted so long.  Truly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 
Allman Brothers Band
Mann Music Center
Philadelphia,  AZ
CD 1: 
1. introduction 
2. Don't Want You No More > 
3. It's Not My Cross To Bear 
4. Statesboro Blues 
5. Blue Sky 
6. Nobody Knows 
7. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
8. Black Hearted Woman 
9. Seven Turns (acoustic) 
10. Midnight Rider (acoustic) 
11. Southbound (acoustic) 
12. Melissa (acoustic) 
13. Stage banter 
 CD 2:  
14. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (acoustic)
15. Acoustic slide 
16. Slide Guitar intro > 
17. Hoochie Coochie Man 
18. Get On With Your Life 
19. Jessica 
20. Revival 
21. band introduction 
22. One Way Out 
23. Dreams 
24. Whipping Post 
Part One
Part Two

Monday, April 10, 2017

Steve Winwood, Telluride CO, 6-20-2014 (broadcast)

 Not to sure how Steve Winwood is Bluegrass but he played at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2014 and so there is a KOTO live feed available.  Nice!

Steve Winwood
Town Park
Telluride, CO
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
koto.org live stream

Set I
I'm A Man,
The Time Has Come,
Can't Find My Way Home,
Medicated Goo,
The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys,
Empty Pages
Set II
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone >
drums >
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone,
band intro's....,
Dear Mr. Fantasy,
Back In The High Life,
Gimme' Some Lovin'
Part One
Part Two

Friday, April 7, 2017

Roomful of Blues, Montreux, 7-09-1987, (SBD)

Pretty cool Blues recording.  The second part sounds like it might be from a different show or source.


Intro Okie Dokie Stomp
Reelin' and Rockin'
Yes, Indeed!
He Knows the Rules
Three Hours Past Midnight
Caravan (featuring Porky Cohen)
Dressed Up To Get Messed Up
Real Gone Lover

Everyday I Have the Blues
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
The Things That I Used To Do
It All Went Down the Drain
Let The Good Times Roll
Junior Brantley: Piano
John Rossi: Drums
Paul Tomaseto: Bass
Porky Cohen: Trombone
Ronnie Earl: Guitar
Doug James: Baritone Sax
Rich Lataille: Alto Sax


Blood, Sweat and Tears, New York, NY, 8-11-1977 (FM)

Blood, Sweat and Tears
The Bottom Line,
New York, NY
1977-08-11, Late Show
FM recording
Chris Albert - trumpet
Randy Bernson - guitar
Dave Bargeron - trombone
David Clayton-Thomas - vocals
Bobby Economou - drums
Greg Herbert - saxophone
Neil Stubenhouse - bass
Tony Klatka - saxophone, flugelhorn
Larry Willis - keyboards
01. Audience 2:16
02. Instrumental 6:44
03. Hi De Ho 9:31
04. Gimme That Wine 7:18
05. Spinning Wheel 5:48
06. Don’t Explain 8:38
07. Matso Yuma Mama 5:20
08. Lucretia McEvil 13:33

Disc 2
01. Blue Street 5:14
02. And When I Die 1:52
03. Tuba solo / Blues 12:49
04. And When I Die (reprise) 3:45
05. Drum solo 4:25
06. Bass solo 7:11
07. Jam / Introductions 8:05
08. Mean Ole World 3:37
09. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy 5:20

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jackson Browne with David Lindley, Santa Cruz, CA 5-19-1987 (SBD)

This is an upgrade of an old favorite of mine.  Had a tape of this back in the late 80s that was a partial show.  This is the complete show.  Great sound quality and a great show. 
Jackson Browne with David Lindley
Special guest Bonnie Raitt
Santa Cruz, CA
May 19, 1987
CD 1
1. Take It Easy
2. Our Lady Of The Well
3. Across The Borderline
4. Linda Paloma
5. For Everyman
6. Cocaine
7. Tiki Torches At Twilight
8. Pretty Girl Rules The World
9. Call It A Loan ->
10. Quarter Of A Man

CD 2
1. How Long
2. For A Dancer
3. Crow On The Cradle
4. Instrumental
5. The Times You’ve Come (w/ Bonnie Raitt)
6. Can’t Sit Down
7. Before The Deluge

Part One
Part Two

Tedeshi Trucks Band, Cumberland, MD, 5-27-2016 (Matrix:FM and Aud)

A very nice matrix recording of The Tedeshi Trucks Band.  Since there are not a lot of FM or soundboard recordings of this band this matrix recording is one of the better recordings you will find outside of official releases.  This band is probably my favorite live act that is out there touring today.  Check it out!
Tedeshi Trucks Band
Grandstand Stage
Allegheny County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, Maryland
May 27, 2016 – Friday
Matrix: FM + AKG 4000's > Tascam DR-680 [24/48]
Mics 12' high 15' from the left stack 
Recorded by Casey Coniff mastered by Bill Koucky
Derek Trucks – Guitar
Susan Tedeschi - Guitar & Vocals
Kofi Burbridge - Keyboards & Flute
Tyler Greenwell - Drums & Percussion
J.J. Johnson - Drums & Percussion
Mike Mattison - Harmony Vocals
Mark Rivers - Harmony Vocals
Kebbi Williams – Saxophone
Maurice Brown – Trumpet
Saunders Sermons – Trombone
Tim Lefebvre – Bass Guitar
1. Tuning
2. Laugh About It
3. Don't Know What >
4. Keep On Growing
5. Sky Is Crying
6. Don't Drift Away
7. Bound For Glory
8. Crying Over You
9. Color Of The Blues #
10. Idle Wind
11. Done Somebody Wrong
12. Don't Think Twice It's Alright @
13. Jam > Let Me Get By
14. encore break
15. The Letter
# with Del McCoury
@ with Ronnie McCoury
Part One
Part two

Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester, Cumberland, MD, 5-27-2016, (Matrix: FM and Aud)

This is a pretty nice sounding recording of Jerry Douglas and his new band the Earls of Leicester.  The name Earls of Leicester is a take on Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, and the band project is a tribute to them.  This is essentially a shout out to Flatt and Scruggs and the influence that they had on Jerry Douglas and bluegrass in general.   
Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester
Grandstand Stage
Allegheny County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, Maryland
May 27, 2016 – Friday
Matrix: FM + AKG 4000's > Tascam DR-680 [24/48]
Mics 12' high 15' from the left stack

Jerry Douglas: Dobro
Shawn Camp: Guitar
Charlie Cushman: Banjo
Jeff White: Mandolin
Johnny Warren: Fiddle
Barry Bales: Bass
1. Joe Craven Intro
2. Shuckin The Corn
3. I Know What It's Like To Be Lonesome
4. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
5. Dim Lights And Thick Smoke
6. Earl’s Breakdown
7. I Don't Care
8. Big Black Train
9. Black Eyed Susie
10. Let The Church Roll On
11. Instrumental
12. My Little Girl In Tennessee @
13. Train From That Carried The Girl From Town
14. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow #
15. Down The Road (Peary Blue)
16. I'll Go Steppin' Too
17. Instrumental
18. What's Good For You
19. I'm Working On A Road
20. Salty Dog Blues
21. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
@ with Ronnie McCoury
# with Del McCoury

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Cousin Bill

My Cousin Bill. Bill knew how to enjoy life and in doing it he brought some of that joy with him to others. Bill still had some of that little kid in him and that made him fun to be around. There really was just not enough of Bill to go around, he could not be everywhere at the same time. The times I did get to spend with Bill I will always cherish. The backpack trip to the Sierra Nevadas, The Mountain Bike trip to Utah. I was lucky to have him all to myself on those trips and what a fun time. Life is too short, and it goes by fast. We can all learn something from Bill. He lived life with a sense of humor and with joy and kindness and life is too short to live it any other way. The world is a little less kind, and a little less joyful without Bill in it. I can choose now to let his loss drag me down or to remember him and celebrate him by bringing joy and humor to others I meet in honor of him. I'm so glad I was able to share some of his special time. Thanks Bill for blessing me.

Jazz Is Dead, Salem, MA, 7-10-1999 (SBD) With Derek Trucks!

Jazz Is Dead
Winter Island Festival
Winter Island Park,
Salem, MA
Jimmy Herring - Guitar
Alfonso Johnson - Bass
T. Lavitz - Keys
Rod Morganstein - Drums
*with Derek Trucks

taped by Rob Berger & Jerry Moore
01 - //Jam>
02 - Help On The Way>
03 - Slipknot
04 - Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo>
05 - Franklin's Tower>
06 - Spiral Staircase
07 - Row Jimmy*
08 - Scarlet Begonias*
09 - St. Stephen>
10 - The Eleven>drums
11 - Stronger Than Dirt Or Milkin' The Turkey
12 - Dark Star

Bryan Sutton Band, Berkeley, CA, 1-12-2017 (SBD)

A sweet sounding recording of the Bryan Sutton Band.  Bryan Sutton is one of the best flatpicker guitar players you will ever hear. 
Bryan Sutton Band
2017-01-12 (Thurs)
Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse
Berkeley, CA
Source: Soundboard
Set 1
01. Introduction
02. Walkin' Across This Land
03. ? Instrumental
04. Talking, Band Intros
05. That's Where I Belong
06. Backwater Blues (Bessie Smith)
07. Don't Look For Me
08. Chase The Moon
09. Talking (about Bryan's 1936 Martin D-28)
10. Overton
11. Talking
12. Run Away
13. ? Instrumental
14. Talking
15. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Bob Dylan)
16. Talking (about Asheville, NC)
17. The Swannanoa Tunnel
18. ? Instrumental
Set 2
01. Introduction
02. I've Been All Around This World
03. The Watson Blues (Bill Monroe)
04. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
05. The Cumberland Reel
06. Happy Birthday Sam Grisman
07. Presbyterian Guitar (John Hartford)
08. Talking (about Doc Watson)
09. The Streamline Cannonball (Doc Watson)
10. Talking, Tuning
11. Time Has Come
12. Talking
13. Old Barns (Mike Barnett)
14. Talking
15. The More I Learn
16. Hangman's Reel
17. Encore: Talking
18. Hills For The Head

Bryan Sutton - guitar, banjo
Casey Campbell - mandolin
Mike Barnett - fiddle
Sam Grisman - bass
Part One
Part Two

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Auldridge, Bennett and Gaudreau, Rockville, MD, 11-30-2001 (SBD)

A real nice one from Mike Auldridge the late great dobro player from the Seldom Scene, with Jimmy Gaudreau from Tony Rice Unit fame on mandolin and Richard Bennett from J.D. Crowe and New South on guitar. 
Auldridge, Bennett and Gaudreau
Robert A. Parilla Performing Arts Center
Montgomery College
Rockville, Maryland
Source: Soundboard
Mike Auldridge - dobro - vocals
Richard Bennett - guitar -vocals
Jimmy Gaudreau - mandolin - vocals
Harold Nixon - bass
 1. Intro
 2. We Live in Two Different Worlds
 3. Leaving's Heavy on My Mind
 4. Sally on the Treadmill
 5. Song For a Winter's Night
 6. Silence or Tears
 7. Ginseng Sullivan
 8. You Don't Know My Mind
 9. Summer Wages
10. Sweet Georgia Brown
11. Wayfaring Stranger
12. Going to the Races
13. Some Old Day
14. Nine Pound Hammer
15. The House of the Rising Sun> Walk Don't Run
Total Time: 67:20

Tony Rice & David Grisman, Wilkesboro, NC, 4-30-1995 (SBD)

Super nice soundboard of some great pickin!  You can't go wrong with Rice and Grisman. 
Tony Rice & David Grisman
Watson Stage
Wilkes Community College
Wilkesboro, NC
April 30, 1995
1. Dawg speaks about…
2. Turn of the Century
3. Good Old Mountain Dew
4. Wildwood Flower
5. Vintage Gintage Blues
6. I Don't Want Your Mandolins Mister
7. Swing ‘42
8. I Am A Pilgrim
9. O Solo Mio
– Enter Wyatt Rice, Ronnie Simpkins, Ricky Simpkins –
10. Watson's Blues
11. Fishscale
12. Devlin
13. Cedar Hill
14. crowd
15. E.M.D.
Time:  59:25