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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good Bye Gregg. . . Thanks

Well another great musical influence of my life has passed away.  Gregg Allman.  I first really got into the Allman Brothers when my sister turned me on to Eat A Peach over the holidays in December of 1973.  I was hooked.  And through the music came that soulful voice of Gregg.  From then on Gregg was a part of the soundtrack of my life and his songs remind me of many of the times I have spent.  His songs like Mellissa, Dreams, Ain't Wastin Time No More, and Midnight Rider are all forever entwined into the memories of my life.  And the soulful sound of his voice that could express such feeling.  Gregg was one of the greats, and there are very few of them left.  Thanks Gregg, I hope your music lives on.  And Gregg "I Ain't Waistin Time No More", thanks for the advice. 
Last Sunday morning, the sunshine felt like rain
The week before, they all seemed the same
With the help of God and true friends, I've come to realize
I still have two strong legs, and even wings to fly
So I, ain't a-wastin time no more
'Cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things
Well, Lord, Lord, Miss Sally, why all your cryin'?
Been around here three long days, lookin' like we're dyin'
Go step yourself outside, and look up at the stars above
And go on downtown, baby, find somebody to love
Meanwhile, I ain't a-wastin' time no more
'Cause time goes by like pouring rain, and much faster things
You don't need no gypsy to tell you why
Ya can't let one precious day to slip by
Well, look inside yourself, and if you don't see what you want
Maybe sometimes then ya don't
But, leave your mind alone and just get high
Well, by and by, way after many years have gone
And all the war freaks die off, leavin' us alone
We'll raise our children, in the peaceful way we can
It's up to you and me brother
To try and try again
So, hear us now, we ain't wastin' time no more
'Cause time rolls by like hurricanes
Runnin' after the subway train
Don't forget the pourin' rain

Here is one of the first concerts I posted on this blog way back when I first started.  It is a great example of The Allman Brothers, from that time period.  Hard to believe they lasted so long.  Truly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 
Allman Brothers Band
Mann Music Center
Philadelphia,  AZ
CD 1: 
1. introduction 
2. Don't Want You No More > 
3. It's Not My Cross To Bear 
4. Statesboro Blues 
5. Blue Sky 
6. Nobody Knows 
7. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
8. Black Hearted Woman 
9. Seven Turns (acoustic) 
10. Midnight Rider (acoustic) 
11. Southbound (acoustic) 
12. Melissa (acoustic) 
13. Stage banter 
 CD 2:  
14. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (acoustic)
15. Acoustic slide 
16. Slide Guitar intro > 
17. Hoochie Coochie Man 
18. Get On With Your Life 
19. Jessica 
20. Revival 
21. band introduction 
22. One Way Out 
23. Dreams 
24. Whipping Post 
Part One
Part Two


  1. Goodbye, Gregg, and thanks for all the soul. The Allman Brothers Band provided the soundtrack to my life. The loss is great.

  2. A wonderful tribute to the most soulful voice i have come across with my musical journey. Thanks for the post

  3. Very sad,Gregg was the greatest white blues/soul singer ever with the possible exception of Joe Cocker,Melissa my favorite Allman Brothers song.Greggs solo album laid back is also great,very blusey and soulful.His performance of Multicolored Lady is beautiful sad and haunting,great underappreciated album and song RIP Gregg ,you will be missed

  4. So long, Midnight Rider. What a loss, R.I.P. Gregg. Southern Rock Pioneer, a true legend.

  5. Thats correct.these legends cant ever be replaced.Modern music basically sucks.Souless and artificial.The Mileys and Taylor Swifts/Beibers/Rappers etc now dominate te charts.The few great young would be rockers cant catch a break.have to tour just to eat,as the record industry has died.Gregg/ Tom Petty/Lou Reed /David Bowie/Marty Balin/Paul Kantner/Glenn Frey are just a few legends that have left us and sadly more will follow.

  6. Superb stuff! Excellent sound and a simply brilliant performance! A little late with this comment but it's never too late with Gregg, the greatest the South had to offer! Truly a great musician in all sense of the word! The Road Goes On Forever... Thank you Gregg. R.I.P.

  7. my beloved group Allman BB God Bless you for everything