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All of the music recordings on this site are recordings of independent origin (ROIOs) Music that has not been officially released. If you are an artist or a legal representative of an artist and you do not want your ROIO shared on my site for free among your fans (and creating new fans), just tell me in the comment area and I will remove them. By the way these recordings exist. They won't go away. All of them can be found at various places on line. Sharing just keeps the fans that support the artists from having to get ripped off by purchasing them on auction sites, and it also introduces music to people who would never have known the artist, creating a stronger fan base.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Waybacks, 6-13-2008

The Waybacks are a San Francisco based band.  They play an interesting mix of contemporary acoustic music.  These guys are very talented musicians and they have fun and let it show while they perform

The Waybacks
"On Track For The Cure"
Science Museum Of Virginia
Richmond, VA

-Disc 1- Set 1
01. New Orleans
02. The River
03. Been Around
04. Loner
05. Right Under My Nose
06. Good Enough
07. Gulshion Island
08. Conjugal Visit
09. Rains
10. Black Cat

-Disc 2- Set 2
01. City Boy *
02. Everything Fades *^
03. In The Night
04. Savannah
05. Beyond The Northwest Passage
06. Tired of Being Right
07. Saint Stephen-> The Eleven-> *
08. Bright Place-> Moby Dick Jam-> Bright Place *
09. Tennessee Blues *

Show Notes:
* Featuring Danny Barnes on Banjo
^ Featuring Danny Barnes on Vocals

A concert Benefiting VCU Massey Cancer Center

God, Why Have You Allowed This To Happen?

As I have been writing this blog I get confronted by an element who has had some type of loss, some type of pain, that is beyond our understanding. And these people are asking, "If God really loves, why would He allow this to happen". "You preach this feel good message but in the end there is pain and suffering that God should not allow if He loves me". And I am here to say, I just don't have all the answers. I don't, plain and simple.  And being a follower of Christ is no guarantee of protection against pain and sorrow.  In fact as we speak my father is sitting in a bed that he will never get out of, and that he has been in for more than 18 months and I have with great sorrow watched my strong "daddy" erode away bit by bit.  And have had to face seeing my mother go through this unending time of difficulty.  And I can't at this moment tell you why.  Anyway this is not about me and my problem but it might be about yours.  So listen to this message by Lou Giglio that does not sugar coat the pain and suffering but faces it in a real way. If you are having a great day and everything is rosy in life maybe skip viewing this one today.  because there are some tears to be had if you are at all alive if you watch this.  But if you are hurting and can't forgive God for what has happened to you,  if you are being held captive by bitterness of loss and pain that you have suffered,  I beg you to watch this and maybe you can find hope when life hurts the most. Because in the end how you handle this painful event in your life will define the value and meaning of your life more than anything else. Either you suffer for nothing or you suffer for purpose, it is up to you. I put this out because I feel for these people and I don't pretend to have the answer or the ability to make it better.  In fact I have fallen short and failed these people and often lacked compasion, and I ask for forgiveness. 
Part one:

Part Two:

May God Bless you and yours, and may you draw closer to God and allow Him into your circumstance. And may you really honesty pursue Him, and may He show up in a profound way and put reason, sense and purpose with time into your life. He has for me and I have faith He will again. 

John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner, 5-08-1984

This short recording is of two great guitar players, just playing as a duet. Another nice German radio show.

John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner
The Art of the Duo - live
NDR studios
Hamburg, Germany
Pre-FM or Radio Broadcast

John Abercrombie, guitar
Ralph Towner, guitar

1. Late Night Passenger (John Abercrombie)
2. Timeless (John Abercrombie)
3. Waterwheel (Ralph Towner)
4. Nardis (Miles Davis)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Wonder If You Know Him?

Do you know Him? He is the cornerstone, the foundation for many people. He is what holds up their lives and keeps them stable. Yet for others he is a stumbling block. He is the most noted figure of philosophy yet many don't want to hear what He really said. He is the most influential person of history and all time is measured by His appearance. Do you know Him? Or do you just know of Him? Listen to the way this man, S. M. Lockeridge, describes Him.

If you don't know Him, I mean really KNOW Him personally then. . . .well you might just be missing out on the biggest and most important thing that has ever or will ever come along. What do you have to loose?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arizona Jones Artwork

If you follow this blog you might know that I was into drawing and doing art of all types. When I was young I was always drawing in my free time. As a high school kid album art like Rodger Dean's Yes covers and Rick Griffin's psychedelic rock posters made a big impression on me. So here is just a small sample of some of the art that I produced and where it took me. Early on music had an impact and this piece is called Octopus Garden it was based on the Beatles song. I was was also interested in underground comics, in fact any comics. And was trying to hone my skills with black and white line drawings. Here are some early examples of these efforts. When I got out of high school I went off to college and was taking art classes and learning more about all types of stuff like sculpture, print making, but also taking basic design, and life drawing. At some point one of my friends was taking a silk screen class at a junior college. And by this time one of my roommates had turned me on to the Grateful Dead. I started showing up at my friend's class with him even though I was not enrolled in the class. And soon my friend and I were using the schools equipment to make my first Grateful Dead T-shirt design. I saw that you could pretty much get away with selling anything you wanted to in the parking lot at Dead shows. I believe it was 1980 and we printed shirts in the class room and then took them to the Pauly Pavilion at UCLA and the San Diego Sports Arena Dead shows and sold them. Here are some of those first designs. These are just the black plate (with silk Screen you have to have a separate drawing for each color). They were two color designs. I used the acoustic shows at the Warfield as the subject for the front. And then I put this skulls with roses and concentric circles on the back. We sold all the shirts we made in no time and had a blast at the shows. From then on I was hooked on the idea of making and selling Grateful Dead shirts. Here is one of the next designs that came about in that first year. This again is just the black plate of a two color design. I could not keep using the school once the class was over and lining up the screens for multiple color designs was difficult if not impossible without the equipment needed. So this motivated me to go in search of a job at a T-shirt company. So I went and interviewed and soon was hired at a company in Huntington Beach to do some free lance work. I then met a guy that worked there doing the printing who was also a Dead Head. He really had no art skills but knew a lot about the printing process. I found out he had his own little set up in his garage at home. It was just what I needed. So this motivated me to design some multiple color designs. This was one of the first, and I continued using it for several years. This is a photo of an actual shirt that was sold in 1985 as a 20th anniversary shirt. As you see I would just tag on a line to the designs that I could alter to suit the need. About this time I decided to do multi color fronts and a single color on the back. And I came up with this electric rose as the back. This became a signature of my shirts that I used for years after. I would often tag under this the name of the venue and the date of the show. Often printing it with a bleed from one color to another. While I was working at the T-shirt company I had to produce some stuff that they could sell. It was usually something for tourists, like this stuff. This first one is a color illustration to show the buyer of the company what the finished shirt might look like. This second one is an actual black plate from a design for a national park. By 1983 the T-shirt company was trying to cash in on the Los Angeles Olympics scheduled for the next year and I did tons of Summer Games designs and was getting burned out. The pay really sucked and my friends who were in sales were getting rich while I was getting paid nothing. One of my friends was getting a dollar per dozen shirts he sold. He made 125,000 dollars in commission that year, on my designs while I made less than 15,000. I was having to wait tables at night and design shirts by day. So I quit the T-shirt company. I could make more just selling in the parking lot at the Dead. Here is a design I came up with in 1984 after hearing the song Throwing Stones. The line from the song "Will we leave this place and empty stone" was used along the bottom. Here is another one color back that I was using during this time period and for the next few years. About this time I started to use Grateful Dead songs as the inspiration for the designs. I used a lyric from Terrapin Station to come up with this one called "Counting Stars By Candle Light". You can see the star and crecent moon from the song, the cricket, and the train, and of course the candles all inspired from the lyrics. This shirt became my best seller. I used the electric rose for the back with the venue and the date, and was able to use it at different events. Here is the back of the shirt I sold at Telluride, CO in 1987. I designed the "Counting Stars" shirt in 1985 and was still using it at some events years latter. About this time I started to mess around with air brushing. And started to do some pieces to try and use to show case my ability to try and get an illustration job of some sort. This Fantasy piece called Droid was part of a whole world I invented in my head. I even was the Droid character for Halloween that year and won every costume contest I entered. This next one is called "Heart Attack" it is kind of a humorus visual pun. Pretty soon I landed an hourly job working for Hearst Syndicated Newspapers, doing black and white line drawings. I kept the waiting job and was still taking time off to see shows and sell shirts. The newspaper job was a grind and just fast production of junk clip art, so it did not last. During this time I came up with this shirt that was based on the line from the song Scarlet Begonias, that said "Everyone Was Playing In The Heart Of Gold Band". About this time I decided to make venue shirts because the Dead kept playing the same venues each year. My first one I made was for the Frost Amphitheater at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. The place is surrounded by trees and there is this prominent tower that can be seen behind the stage. So I just made it about that. It went over really well and I sold all I made in a few hours. So I decided that I would continue this venue approach. One of my favorite annual events was Ventura, So I got to work and produced this one. Ventura was an every summer event held at the fairgrounds right on the beach. So the design had to say California beach, and surf, yet still be a Grateful Dead shirt. Well the shows always were lots of fun, I mean whats not to smile about, with a weekend at the beach camping out with the Dead Heads. So I used the line from He's Gone, "Nothing Left To Do But Smile, Smile, Smile". And put a girl with a big smile, wearing sunglasses reflecting the band on stage at Ventura. For the back I did a Rick Griffin surf art influenced design that said "Weekend At The Beach" and included my signature electric rose. I threw in some eyeball characters like Rick would use, and a skull sun and I was ready for the show. I printed my shirts in my friends garage and was off to Ventura. My friends all wanted them in advance, and I arrived at the parking lot in Ventura in 1986 with my shirts anticipating doing well with sales and having a great time seeing the Dead at the beach. One big problem, Jerry went into a coma and the shows were canceled. One of the event staff for Winterland Productions saw my shirt and decided to by them all from me for the staff to have something to show for their trouble. Boy was I lucky, I got rid of all my Ventura 86 shirts for a show that never happened. Problem was that I was getting used to the added income of T-shirt sales to supplement my waiting tables job. What now? I went home to Long Beach and there was a Reggae concert going on at Long Beach State University. We went and all the Dead Heads showed up. I thought, maybe I could sell reggae shirts. Soon I found out that Jimmy Cliff and Steel Pulse were touring and coming to California, so I made this generic reggae shirt and sold them at the shows. (This is a photo of the design printed on paper as a test run) And I did pretty well too and got to see several good reggae shows. About this time two of my Dead Heads friends were getting married and I decided to give them a painting for their gift. The lyric from Helps On The Way that says "Without Love In The Dream It will Never Come True" was the inspiration. After all they were starting a life together based on love. So here is the result. By the end of the year Jerry was back on his feet and I was back to making shirts. I went to His first show back in Oakland and heard him sing "Tell everybody that you know That The Candyman is back in town" and I knew he was back. That year a new event was put in the schedule, a Lagua Seca Raceway, near Monterey, CA. I decided that I would make an event shirt for this one. It was in May and outdoors, but I could not get a handle on the place, but I knew in May in California it would be sunny. So I got a good idea for a song inspired shirt called Sunshine Daydream, based on Sugar Magnolia. In it is has a girl spinning ("She can spin in a ray of violet") and she is walking on water ("She can wade in a drop of dew") and my idea was born. Note the hint of a steal your face in the water nad the little skull clouds. About this time I also designed a new back with a character of the six band members and my electric rose, I called it the "Classic Six Pack". I put Monterey and the dates of the show under it and I was off to the show. Well the first show opened with Sugar Magnolia and closed with Sunshine Daydream, and all my shirts sold out the first day. Well 1987 was a fun and frantic year for me and the Grateful Dead. I went to twenty three shows that year. I started giving away these sheets of Cassete cover art for free along with selling the shirts. This year the scene had grown huge and gotten less friendly and a new element came into the mix. Ventura got out of hand and the band would never play there again. At Calaveras they stared cracking down on shirt sales and my shirts were taken and I was supenaed to court. I only had five shirts left so no big deal, and they did not press charges, but a new element of big business had come into the parking lot scene (they were using the Dead's own artwork and logos)and the Grateful Dead had to crack down on everyone to catch these ones who were taking it too far. Well this meant that the shirt thing was no longer a sure deal for me, and it marked a slow down in my production of art. I still made a few more designs and still went to shows but I went to less shows and sold less shirts for fear of over extending myself. Here is one of the designs I did in the late 80s. I still continued to do a few drawings but not really for money, and after a while my production came to a stop all together as I took on new interests. And started a new direction in my life. Getting married will do that to you. Here is something I did for fun, latter on. I did a whole series of amimals with some human traits, and gave them away as gifts. Years went by and I had not drawn a thing and then one day while I was involved with a ministry for my church I got an idea to do T-shirts that were God inspired. the first one was for the youth group at my church. This was the front. And this was the back. Still Rick Griffin insired, funny how Rick also went on to doing Christian stuff latter on in his life. (Interesting fact, I went to the same high school as Rick Grifin just 10 years latter) Here is another one I did but really have not done anything with it as of yet, (this is just a test print).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mountain biking at Dead Horse State Park, AZ

Most of you know I live in a town called Cottonwood, AZ in the Verde Valley just south of Sedona. Cottonwood is overlooked by most visitors to the Verde Valley who come to see Sedona and the old mining town Jerome. But Cottonwood has some cool stuff too. In Cottonwood is a place called Dead Horse State Park that has a trail system to hike and mountain bike on. The park is located along the Verde River the only designated wild and scenic river in Arizona. Normally I park outside of the park to avoid the entrance fees and then just ride in on trails by turning right down a steep slope just after I cross the bridge or I go past the entrance station about 50 yards and enter on a trail to the right.
Once in the park there are tons of trails that wind all around connecting the different camp grounds and fishing lagoons. Some of the trails parallel the river among the large cottonwood and elm trees.
And some cruise and wind through the beautiful mesquite groves that are closer to the river and many travel through the desert areas farther away from the river.
Most of these trails are very smooth and easy with a few short steep climbs and in some cases a few small foot bridges to cross small washes
Now all these trails are nice but the real attraction for me is the trail system that leaves the park and climbs the mesas north and east of the park. There are two main trails that head up the mesas. One is called Lime Kiln Trail and it is heads east out of the park and the other one is called Raptor Hill at it generally heads north out of the park.
Both of these trails climb in stair step like increments of short steep climbs with flat smooth areas between climbs. The state park near the river is around 3280 feet in elevation and on Raptor Hill trail you will be at around 3900 when you get to the trail junction with the Thumper Trail after traveling 2.85 miles. Thumper Trail runs southeast from Raptor Hill Trail and connects with the Lime Kiln trail completing a loop. If you are traveling east on Lime Kiln Trail you will reach the Intersection with Thumper Trail after about 2.1 miles. It is 2.25 miles to get from one end of Thumper to the other making the entire loop about 7.2 miles of trail. Add in the time on the trails in the park and you will be doing at least 8 miles to do the loop. Thumper Trail gains and looses elevation several times as it goes in and out of a series of washes. At the Raptor Hill and Thumper intersection there is also a trail that heads off to your left or north this can take you to several longer options. The most noted is the Upper Raptor Hill Trail that was once called Indian Chimney but the name was changed by the State Park people. Upper Raptor can be easy to miss, it is on the right a few hundred yards north down a double track from the Raptor/Thumper junction. Upper Raptor starts by going up a small wash and then climbs up out of the wash to the right. Upper Raptor continues your climb to the top of the mesas and connects to a series of Forest Service roads. The top of the mesas reach an altitude of at least 4300 feet and maybe even more. The top of the Mesa has juniper and pinion pine. Along the steep northeast edge of the mesa are nice views of the Red Rock country. This trail system is great in winter, spring, and fall, but can get hot in the Summer. I often take a break here to enjoy the view and then return the way I came with a long downhill to end the day. By adding some of the forest service roads you can make loops as long as 20 or more miles. And for the very hardy you can take Lime Kiln Trail all the way to Sedona a long trek of at least 15 miles one way. There are two bike shops in Cottonwood If you need repairs or forgot something when you visit.
They are both located on main street not far from the park. One is called Sultana Cycles and is located at 470 S. Main, Suite B. Cottonwood, AZ. (928) 649-3822, Sultanacycles@gmal.com The other one is called Zoomers Bike and Gear and it is located at 743 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ. (928) 202-4941, http://www.zoomersbike.com/ To get to Dead Horse State Park, from I-17 take (exit 287) Hwy 260 to Cottonwood. Hwy. 260 intersects with 89A/Main Street. Turn left on Main Street and proceed to North 10th Street. Turn right (north) on North 10th Street. Continue on North 10th across the Verde River Bridge to the park entrance. The Park also has camping, fishing, hiking, horseback rides, among other things.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Infamous Stringdusters, 11-14-2010

This is a short but sweet radio broadcast of The Infamous Stringdusters. It is from just a few months ago.

Infamous Stringdusters
Mountain Stage Radio Show
WVU Creative Arts Center
Morgantown, West Virginia
November 14, 2010
WVPR FM Broadcast

Broadcast Date: December 21
Andy Hall – Dobro
Andy Flaco – Guitar
Chris Pandolfi – Banjo
Jeremy Garrett – Fiddle
Jesse Cobb – Mandolin
Travis Brook – Bass

1.Intro Larry Groce
2.In God's Country
3.It'll Be Alright
5.Magic # 9
6.Peace Through The Night
7.Fork In The Road
8.Poor Boys Delight
Time: 28:22


Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot Rize with Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers, 11-07-2010

This one is a nice radio broadcast of Hot Rize from just last November. And of course it includes some of their alter ego band Red Knuckles And the Trailblazers.

Hot Rize with Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers
Mountain Stage Radio Show
WVU Creative Arts Center
Morgantown, West Virginia
November 7, 2010
Radio Broadcast, WVPR FM

Broadcast Date: December 14

Tim O'Brien - Mandolin, Fiddle
Nick Forster – Bass
Pete Wernick - Banjo
Bryan Sutton - Guitar

Red Knuckles – Guitar
Wendell Mercantile - Guitar
Waldo Otto – Slide Guitar
Suede – Bass

1.Intro Larry Groce
2.Going Across The Sea
3.Nellie Kane
4.High On A Mountain
5.Hangman's Reel
6.Larry Groce Trailblazer Intro
7.One Woman Man
8.Band Intros and Suede Space
9.Red Remembers The 60's
10.Oh Mona
11.Larry Groce Outro and Wendell's Guitar
13.Colleen Malone
14.Won't You Come And Sing For Me
15.Train 45

Time: 47:53
watch the You Tube Video here: npr.org/2010/12/13/132029702/hot-rize-on-mountain-stage


Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, 10-28-1987

This is another recording of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. This acoustic band played from shows from August to December of 1987. Usually as a first set acoustic and then a second set was played by the regular Jerry Garcia (electric) Band. There were not very many of these shows and you were lucky to get to see this if you did. There were long runs of shows in New York and Los Angeles and then a few a few bay area shows. I was lucky to see a few of the Los Angeles ones and came away very happy.

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Lunt-Fontanne Theater
New York, NY

Jerry Garcia: guitar, vocals
David Nelson: guitar, vocals
John Kahn: bass
Sandy Rothman: mandolin, dobro, banjo, vocals
Kenny Kosek: fiddle
David Kemper: drums

Early Show
Set 1 - Acoustic Set:
Deep Elem Blues
I'm Troubled
Spike Driver Blues
Blue Yodel No. 9 (Standing On The Corner)
Short Life Of Trouble
If I Lose
I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
Drifting Too Far From The Shore
Ragged But Right

Download Links

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jethro Tull. Tel Aviv, 11-12-2000

This is a nice FM broadcast of Jethro Tull. It came with some covers that just did not do it justice in my opinion so I fixed them up a bit.

Tel Aviv, Israel
FM Broadcast

01 - For A Thousand Mothers
02 - Nothing Is Easy
03 - Thick As A Brick
04 - Hunt By Numbers
05 - Bourée
06 - Beside Myself
07 - The Water Carrier
08 - The Habanero Reel
09 - Songs From The Wood / Too Old To Rock'N'Roll / Heavy Horses
10 - A New Day Yesterday
11 - Pibroch - instrumental
12 - My God

Download link

Jerry Garcia, Solo Acoustic, 4-10-1982

This is Jerry Garcia solo acoustic. It is a pretty good soundboard recording. Jerry did not play many solo performances. I'm not so sure if there are any others. During 1982 he was playing acoustic shows with John Kahn on bass, but this one is solo.

Jerry Garcia
April 10, 1982
Capitol Theater
Passaic, NJ

Late Show - Set One
1. Jack-A-Roe 5:20
2. Going, Going, Gone 5:41
3. Dire Wolf 3:34
4. Gommorah 6:09
5. Run for the Roses 4:02
6. Friend of the Devil 6:50
7. Babe, It Ain't No Lie 6:49
8. Rosalie McFall 3:32
9. Sing Me Back Home 5:56
10. Deep Elem Blues 5:36
Set Two
11. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, 5:02
It Takes a Train to Cry
12. Ballad of Casey Jones 5:59
13. China Doll-> 4:35
14. Ripple 4:37
15. Reuben & Cherise 5:48

Download Link