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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jerry Garcia, Solo Acoustic, 4-10-1982

This is Jerry Garcia solo acoustic. It is a pretty good soundboard recording. Jerry did not play many solo performances. I'm not so sure if there are any others. During 1982 he was playing acoustic shows with John Kahn on bass, but this one is solo.

Jerry Garcia
April 10, 1982
Capitol Theater
Passaic, NJ

Late Show - Set One
1. Jack-A-Roe 5:20
2. Going, Going, Gone 5:41
3. Dire Wolf 3:34
4. Gommorah 6:09
5. Run for the Roses 4:02
6. Friend of the Devil 6:50
7. Babe, It Ain't No Lie 6:49
8. Rosalie McFall 3:32
9. Sing Me Back Home 5:56
10. Deep Elem Blues 5:36
Set Two
11. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, 5:02
It Takes a Train to Cry
12. Ballad of Casey Jones 5:59
13. China Doll-> 4:35
14. Ripple 4:37
15. Reuben & Cherise 5:48

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  1. Pretty sure there were only two nights - ever- of Jerry alone. This is a rarity, thanks!

  2. I have the early show too, but there are some tape warble issues.

  3. HI AZ,

    Hope all is well, haven't commented in a while, but I am definitely LOVING what you have been doing here! This one is going in my collection! I also am in awe of your photography and the beauty of the area of this Great Country in which you reside.
    I was wondering if you have the Jerry/Merl Legion of Mary show from The Keystone 6/4/75? It's an AUD, I believe, but an excellent one. I heard a clip and Jerry's guitar was right in my living room!
    Thanks again for everything.
    NYC Ron

  4. Hi AZjones Ihave been downloading many of your show's and we are truly blessed to have your like thank's and keep up the good work Phields from Md.