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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Waybacks, 6-13-2008

The Waybacks are a San Francisco based band.  They play an interesting mix of contemporary acoustic music.  These guys are very talented musicians and they have fun and let it show while they perform

The Waybacks
"On Track For The Cure"
Science Museum Of Virginia
Richmond, VA

-Disc 1- Set 1
01. New Orleans
02. The River
03. Been Around
04. Loner
05. Right Under My Nose
06. Good Enough
07. Gulshion Island
08. Conjugal Visit
09. Rains
10. Black Cat

-Disc 2- Set 2
01. City Boy *
02. Everything Fades *^
03. In The Night
04. Savannah
05. Beyond The Northwest Passage
06. Tired of Being Right
07. Saint Stephen-> The Eleven-> *
08. Bright Place-> Moby Dick Jam-> Bright Place *
09. Tennessee Blues *

Show Notes:
* Featuring Danny Barnes on Banjo
^ Featuring Danny Barnes on Vocals

A concert Benefiting VCU Massey Cancer Center


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  2. This is my blog and it's about me. My beliefs are a big part of who I am. So of course it will BE in MY blog. And what you just shared you believe to be true and thus is your your belief. And one that you just shared in "public" or rather on MY blog. When claiming you think it be kept private. Looks like a double standard. And yes Atheism is a belief. It is what you believe (that there is no God). That is not a word game but a fact. I'm glad you think you are a "good" person. Define "good". By what standard are you making that subjective judgement?

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    Thanks for the spectacular new listings. Made my day. And that's the truth.


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