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All of the music recordings on this site are recordings of independent origin (ROIOs) Music that has not been officially released. If you are an artist or a legal representative of an artist and you do not want your ROIO shared on my site for free among your fans (and creating new fans), just tell me in the comment area and I will remove them. By the way these recordings exist. They won't go away. All of them can be found at various places on line. Sharing just keeps the fans that support the artists from having to get ripped off by purchasing them on auction sites, and it also introduces music to people who would never have known the artist, creating a stronger fan base.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Strength In Numbers, 9-02-90

Strength In Numbers is a bluegrass band that was formed by the very best of bluegrass, Bela Fleck on Banjo, Sam Bush on Mandolin, Mark O'Conor on guitar and violin, Jerry Douglas on dobro, Edgar Meyer on bass. This is beyond conventional bluegrass, taking the art form to new places. These guys are an amazing group of musicians and this is a pretty good recording of them. This is recorded off an old tape I have had for years. Its a soundboard recording taped off a local FM live broadcast from the music festival.

Strength In Numbers
Strawberry Music Festival
Another Morning, Unfolding, Future Man, Pink Flamingos, Duke & Cookie,
One Winter's Night, Limerock, Around About Midnight, Sailin' Shoes, Macedonia
Lochs of Dread, No Apologies, Slopes, Blue Men of the Sahara, Emphysema Two Step, Plasma, Salty Dog, Instrumental

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