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All of the music recordings on this site are recordings of independent origin (ROIOs) Music that has not been officially released. If you are an artist or a legal representative of an artist and you do not want your ROIO shared on my site for free among your fans (and creating new fans), just tell me in the comment area and I will remove them. By the way these recordings exist. They won't go away. All of them can be found at various places on line. Sharing just keeps the fans that support the artists from having to get ripped off by purchasing them on auction sites, and it also introduces music to people who would never have known the artist, creating a stronger fan base.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

20,000 hits on my blog in the first 43 days

When I started this thing 43 days ago I was not sure if anyone would even find it. It has averaged over 450 visits a day. I'm surprised. Thanks to all who have helped (Dino the Tunzmaster, Speedy, Asso) get it started. Thanks for the encouragement from those who have left messages. I guess It's a good thing I did not throw out those old boxes of tapes. I hope people have found some value in the music, photos, or the spiritual pontifications.


  1. Good job. Keep up the great posts and you will get the "hits". Build it and they will come!

  2. I'm so glad you're pleased with the responses to your blog. You're giving a lot more that you get.

  3. What a great blog! You have created a crap-free alternate universe of nothing but great music, taking us to so many of the shows we wish we could have seen.
    Thank you!
    My only disappointment was the Bluegrass Album Band at the Birchmere, which, despite repeated attempts, refuses to download. Any chance of checking and reposting the link? It functions fine until it freezes in mid-download.
    Also, keep posting those photos. Takes me back to the year I spent in Tucson.

  4. I'll look into it. Being new at this I have had some challenges for sure. Thanks for telling me of the problem.

  5. It downloaded for me. So I think the problem is at your end?

  6. congrats on your hits and you have a great site going here. great job, my friend.