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Friday, October 8, 2010

String Cheese Incident, June 19th and 20th 1998

Here are two shows from the Quonset Hut in Telluride CO. They are two days in a row. Must have been a fun time to see these. The first is This is a show that SCI Fidelity took from the SCI Archive and upload to the etree. And only 514 people have downloaded it. Maybe because it is in SHN. Both shows are great soundboard quality. And the sepecial guest from the David Grisman Quintet make it even better.

The Quonset Hut
Telluride, CO

Set One
Missing Me >
Hey Pockey Way
Big Sciota *
The Old Home Place*
Minor Swing*
Rhythm of the Road
Blue Bossa* >
Mountain Girls*
Total time: 75:46

Set Two
Come as you are #
John Hardy ***
Lonesome Fiddle Blues ***
That's What Love Will Make You Do**
Total time: 37:09

Set Two (cont'd)
Black Clouds ** >
So What % ** >
Drums # >
San Jose */**/***
Elvis' Wild Ride
Total Time: 54:37
#with Christian Teel on percussion
%with Ross Martin on electric guitar
*with Darol Anger on fiddle
**with Paul McCandless on sax
***with Tony Furtado on banjo

Download links
http://www.mediafire.com/?u1tybq66dapnv6m part one
http://www.mediafire.com/?6o07t8r3c7ngnko part two
http://www.mediafire.com/?2s4xi1w37ugwtw6 part three

String Cheese Incident
Quonset Hut
Telluride, CO

Set 1:
Land's End* ->
Black Clouds Reprise*
Resume Man*
Lester had a Coconut*
Got What He Wanted**
All Blues**/*** ->
Jam**/*** ->
Lonesome Road Blues**
The Chicken**
Set 2:
Round The Wheel
Mercy Mercy Mercy**/##
Voodoo Chile*/#/*** ->
Salt Creek*
Rocky Road Blues*
Banjo Jam#
Born On The Wrong Planet**/##/###
Johhny Cash**/##/###
Walk this way**/##/###
* with Darol Anger
** with Paul McCandless
*** with Ross Martin on electric guitar
# with Tony Furtado
## with Jeff Coffin on tenor and alto sax
### with Christian Teal

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