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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nicolette Larson, Yosemite, CA 8-29-86 (FM)

Someone requested I repost this one.
Nicolette Larson had a big hit with Neil Young’s Lotta Love in 1987 and people might remember her backing Neil Young on Comes A Time and Harvest Moon. But she did not get a lot of attention after that. As she said in this recording, “I have a new album called Rose Of My Heart. I hate to plug it but nobody else will…”

Larson’s career was unfortunately cut short when she died in 1997 as a result of complications arising from cerebral edema. She did not leave behind a large body of work but this show is a good example of what was lost.

Strawberry Music Festival
Camp Mather
Yosemite, CA
August 29, 1986.
Very good FM broadcast.

01. The Angels Rejoiced
02. Comes A Time
03. Only Love Can Make It Right
04. Mexican Divorce
05. Sometimes You Just Can’t Win
06. That’s How You Know Love’s Right
07. Blow On Chilly Wind
08. If I Didn’t Love You
09. Untitled
10. Keep Us Apart
11. When You Get A Little Lonely
12. Ain’t Livin’ Long Like This
13. MC banter & crowd
14. Pink Cadillac
15. MC banter

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  1. Is there any chance you might re-up this one? Thanks, jimg

  2. What a wonderful voice. Thanks so much for this. I recall at a Bridge Concert within the last 10 years, Neil muttering, "This is for Nicolette" and then playing Lotta Love.
    I've been looking a long time for the Strawberry Old & in the Way show shortly after Jerry died with herb Pedersen in the line-up. It was a great day: ralph Stanley played, Peter Rowan did a solo set and the Austin City lounge Lizards were pretty awesome. Any of that day laying around in your voluminous vaults? Appreciate your sharing.