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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exploring the Mogollon Rim Country of Arizona

I just got back from three days in an area of Arizona called the Rim Country.  This area is called that due to the predominant geological feature called the Mogollon Rim.  This "rim"is a long cliff like uplift running east to west for close to 200 miles.  It is essentially the southwest edge of the Colorado Plateau.  The south edge of the rim rises to heights over 7000 feet in elevation with some points reaching as much as 8000.  Below the rim are areas of around 5000 to 6000 foot elevation sloping away south gradually.  This area, both above and below the rim, is part of a huge forest of pine trees that comprises the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the world. 
This stand of pine forest covers tens of thousands of acres from west of Flagstaff in the west all the way into New Mexico in the east. 
Most people when thinking of Arizona think of desert, but much of Arizona is covered with this vast pine forest.  This high area, due to it's altitude has significant snow fall in winter and because of this is a source of many streams that run south and north away from the rim.  This along with the cooler temperatures due to altitude make this a favorite area to escape the heat of the deserts in the summer months. 
   When I went there I stayed in a small town below the rim called Christopher Creek.  Christopher Creek is at about 6000 foot elevation surrounded by dense forest with a year round stream running through the small town. 
There are many hiking and mountain biking opportunities there in every direction with campgrounds as well as undeveloped camping opportunities.  The stream called Christopher Creek starts at the base of the rim at a place called See Canyon where there is a nice trail that runs along the creek through the forest.  Downstream from the small town the creek enters an entrenched canyon called The Box. .
The Box is hard to navigate and has small falls and pour offs with deep pools and requires getting wet and some climbing skills to navigate up and down the canyon. 
The canyon rock is comprised of block shaped basalt rock. 
   Up on the rim north and east of Christopher Creek are five small lakes nestled among the pine forests,  called the Rim Lakes. 
The rim lakes are in depressions on the rim and collect snow melt during the winter. These lakes are stocked with trout and are packed with fishermen during the summer months. 
Along the rim is a dirt and gravel road called the Rim Road or The General Cook Trail that follows the edge of the rim for close to 40 miles.  Along this road are great views of the vast forested areas below the rim.
The rim area has many wonderful places to camp, both developed campsites and just dispersion camping with no facilities.  The forest on the rim being higher is more lush and diversified having some spruce and aspen trees as well as the ponderosa pine. Elk, deer, and wild turkey are often seen in these forests.  Below the rim as I said are a series of streams and creeks that flow south,  Some big and some small. 
We explored Haigler Creek, Christopher Creek, Tonto Creek and the East Fork of The Verde River.  The East Fork of the Verde appeared to have the largest amount of water flow, and some great places but also appeared to have some of the most development.  Yet even with this there were plenty of opportunities to get away from the crowds, this early in the year.
 There are many hiking and mountain biking trails in this vast area with the most notable trail being the Highline Trail. 
The Highline trail runs for more than 50 miles along the base of the rim through dense forest and rolls up and down as it descends and climbs out of the many stream drainages it crosses.  In many places it can be mountain biked as well as hiked.  I have ridden the east end and some of the connecting trails and found it to be some real nice riding.
   This time, when we went, instead of camping we stayed at the Christopher Creek Lodge.  This lodge, founded in 1950 is a group of small rustic cabins along the creek. 
I found it to be a great base camp for exploring and loved the creek side location and the feel of the place.  No frills but all you need with wood stoves, and a kitchen and a great location with the sounds of the creek to put you to sleep at night.


  1. I never knew that Arizona was so beautiful. When you think of that place, the desert is the first thing that comes to mind. Even that is beautiful (when it isn't trying to kill you). But this... I dare say there are few places even here in the Deep South that compare to this. Stunning. No wonder you're so religious.

  2. I don't feel I'm "religious". But God's creation does lead me to seek a relationship with Him. It just can't be done in my terms and ways (religion) but in His ways (relationship).
    And yes Arizona is so much more than desert. The Grand Canyon, the Sonora Deserts, The vast Rim Country forests, massive Lake Powell, Sedona's red rock country, and the vast sandsone canyon carved Navajo lands, Arizona has incredible diversity.

  3. The many years I lived in Phoenix always gave me a summer trip to the rim to get out the desert heat in PHX

    Beautiful country Still have a friend who moved up to Srawberry AZ
    when he retired from the railroad I loved every part Oz AZ except Phoenix

    Bill at 24hr

  4. Hey Bill. Glad to see you posting again at 24Hrs. Yea I can do without Phoenix too.