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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slide Rock State Park, Arizona, Part Two

In the summer in Arizona we are always trying to find a way to cool off. And that often includes taking a swim in one of the many creeks that come down from the rim country. One of the most visited spots is Slide Rock State Park. I already did a post on this but with temperatures at 107 this week in Cottonwood and over 115 in Phoenix I decided to go back to cool off and here are some more photos of that special spot. 

The thing that makes Slide rock special is not just the water but the many different ways to enjoy it. Of course there are the water slides.
And then even more water slides!
But along with that are the many deep pools where you can jump off rocks.
And if that is not enough and you want some some bigger thrills, you can jump off some pretty tall cliffs into some real deep pools that are under the highway bridge!
Here is one of the brave ones hucking his body off the ledge into the water below.
But for me I like taking a walk up stream away from the crowds to the more secluded spots.  This next photo is looking back downstream as you leave the people behind. 
Upstream you will find some beautiful locations, where it is more quiet, and has a more wild feel. 
Here there are some nice pools and some places where the cliffs close in on the creek reminiscent of Clear Creek but much easier access. 
This is why so many people flock to Slide Rock and Oak Creek Canyon every summer, and why they come back year after year.
Now Slide Rock State Park is $20 per car to enter, but you can park upstream and hike down. There is a "redrock" pass required to park anywhere in the canyon however. There are some other great spots in the canyon where you can enjoy the creek this is just the one with the most to offer.
Here is the link to Slide Rock State Park, Part One, in case you missed it.


  1. I would love to see a place like that aleast once in my life. It looks awesome. It makes me think of the old west and all the westerns I used to watch.

  2. Grifftrain, many westerns have been filmed in the Sedona, Oak Creek area. So that may be why it reminds you of that.