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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

John Mayall, Gothenburg Sweden, 4-12-1972

This is an interesting band with some fine jazz musicians, making for a cool blend of blues and jazz.  Great sound quality too! 
John Mayall
Gothenburg Sweden\
April 12th 1972
FM Broadcast
1. Driving Dangerously
2. Mess Around Intro
3. Mess Around
4. Good Time Boogie  > Drum Solo >
That’s Alright With You > Band Intro
5. Times Are Getting Tougher
6. I Wish I Could Understand  > Baby What Do You Have To Lose
7. Dry Throat
line up :
John Mayall - vcs, hca, piano, gtr.
Keef Hartley - drums
Freddie Robinson - gtr.
Blue Mitchell - trumpet
Clifford Solomon - tenor sax
Victor Gaskin - bass
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