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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vassar Clements and his Yankee Boys, Middlebury, VT, 5-03-2000 (SBD)

One more from Vassar before I move on.  A great quality soundboard of Vassar as the headliner. 
Vassar Clements and his Yankee Boys
Mead Chapel, Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT

Set 1:
Lonesome Fiddle Blues,
Sunday Driver,
On and On,
Old & In the Way Breakdown,
Heavy Traffic Ahead,
Black Mountain Rag,
Kissimmee Kid
Set 2:
Hillbilly Jazz,
Floating on a String,
The Wabash Cannonball[1],
Night Train,
Kinfolks in Carolina,
The Beltless Buckler[2],
Air Mail Special,
Taking Flight,
Vassar's Boogie
Encore: Foggy Mountain Special
Musicians: Vassar Clements, Mike Gordon, Gordon Stone, Russ Lawton, Doug Perkins
Mike Gordon plays throughout, with Doug Perkins (Guitar- of Gordon Stone Trio and Smokin' Grass)
and Gordon Stone on Pedal Steel. Russ Lawton sits in on the second set. Filler is the Gordon Stone Trio.
Notes: This is a great quality digital sound board of Vassar Clements with his Yankee Boys.
This performance was a benefit for Middlebury College student Katie Samson.
The first set was performed without Russ Lawton, who joined for the entire second set on drums.
Mike took lead vocals on "The Wabash Cannonball." The show featured the debut of "The Beltless Buckler."


  1. Amazing player - this is the best one yet ! Thank you !

  2. "One More Vassar" indeed, a kindness beyond measure. Thanks so much. Now you can move on in peace.


  3. Hello Arizona! Do you have anything of the Hillbilly Funk All-Stars, with Richie and Kenny from Little Feat, Vassar Clements, T Lavitz and Catfish Hodge?

  4. Barleyman. Nope, sorry. Sounds interesting.

  5. It's possible your source may be from me, I taped this show from the soundboard. I just stumbled upon this in my cd rack and didn't have the set list, I happened upon your page by doing a setlist search. It was a fabulous show.