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Monday, August 17, 2015

Grateful Dead, Oakland, CA, 9-12-1985 (sbd)

This is a nice soundboard recording of The Grateful Dead during their run in Oakland in September of 1985.  The shows were billed as the anniversary of the acid test shows and there was a great liquid light display light show on the screen behind the stage.  I was at these shows.  I traveled up from Southern California alone and with a bunch of screen print t-shirts in hand.  I stayed with a girl that lived in Berkeley I had met at the Greek shows earlier in the year.  A great time.  This show had the last Helps on The Way until the Hampton shows in 1989. 

The Grateful Dead
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center
Oakland, Calif.
September 12, 1985

Set 1
d1t01 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d1t02 - Bertha
d1t03 - It's All Over Now
d1t04 - Row Jimmy
d1t05 - My Brother Esau
d1t06 - Big RailRoad Blues
d1t07 - Looks Like Rain
d1t08 - Might As Well
Set 2
d1t09 - Help On The Way >
d1t10 - Slipknot >
d1t11 - Franklin's Tower
d2t01 - Playin' In The Band >
d2t02 - Drums >
d2t03 - Space >
d2t04 - The Other One >
d2t05 - Black Peter >
d2t06 - Throwin' Stones
d2t07 - Not Fade Away
d2t08 - Not Fade Away (Chant and Reprise)
d2t09 - Brokedown Palace

Audio Info:
This is an upgrade of ShnID = 11803
Master Soundboard Cassette > DAT > CDR



  1. I wondered where the 1995 date came from after Jerry's death, then noticed it was a typo for 1985

  2. Hi Mr. Jones,

    I thought for a moment this was a surprise show with a date of a little after Jerry died. However I see it is not 1995 as the heading says, but 1985 (per the artwork & list). You had me pretty excited for a minute.

    Thanks for all the great posts. I especially love the photos of the places you've been. Thanks for sharing.

    Bob W.

  3. you should fix the typo on this header..... NOT 9-12 ---> 8-12!!!

  4. Thanks for the correction. I should do that more often. It seems the only way I get people to make comments, LOL!!!