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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bluegrass Midnight Jam, Wilksboro, NC, 4-25-1992 (SBD)

Here is a great bluegrass jam session with Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Bela Fleck, David Grisman, Alison Krauss and members of Union Station and many others.  Pretty cool to hear them all mixing their talents together. 
Midnight Jam
Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival
Walker Center
North Wilkesboro, NC
April 25, 1992
Source: Soundboard DAT from Andy Zaff 1994
Transfers, Remastering and seeded to bt.etree.org by Bill Koucky Sept. 2006
- Peter Rowan Solo -
1. Free Mexican Air Force
2. Before the Streets Were Paved
3. The Harvest
4. Intro "Tony Rice and the Boys"
- Tony Rice Unit w/ Peter Rowan -
5. Midnight on the Stormy Deep
6. The First Whippoorwill
7. Exit Peter Rowan, Enter Bela Fleck
8. Whitewater
9. The Open Road
- Bela Fleck & Ricky Simpkins -
10. Billy and the Low Ground
- Tony Rice Unit w/ Bela Fleck -
11. Groundspeed
12. Daybreak in Dixie
13. Camping announcement
Disc 2   64:05
- Peter Rowan & Alison Krauss-
1. Tuning
2. Woman in Love
3. Enter Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, Peter McLaughlin, Barry Bales, Bela Fleck
4. Old Kentucky Home
5. My Love For You Endures
6. Enter Dan Tyminski
7. Blue and Lonesome
- Peter Rowan, Alison Krauss, Barry Bales & Bela Fleck -
8. Undying Love
9. Laurie Lewis Returns
10. Lonesome
11. Last Bus Announcement
 - Return Tony Rice -
12. Land of the Navajo
- Tony Rice Unit w/ David Grisman -
13. Devlin
- Tony Rice Unit & David Grisman Quintet  -
14. Hot Dawg
15. Crowd
- Tony Rice Unit w/ David Grisman, Peter Wernick, Roland White -
16. New River Train


  1. What a line-up! Thank you.

  2. Back in the earlier, more personal, days, this was the greatest festival of music I ever saw/heard. As it got bigger and bigger, the intimacy naturally slipped away, and it actually became something of a circus, except of course when Doc played. Then all was well again. Thanks for sharing this, AZ.


  3. Thanks for this lovely Midnight Jam.

  4. Rintesh. Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated.

  5. Love the bluegrass stuff sprinkled across your blog! Would it be possible to have disc 2 of this Merlefest Midnight Jam available again? Would love to have the Tony Rice Unit/David Grisman songs. Thanks and thanks for all the great music!