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Friday, May 29, 2015

Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg & Jeff Sipe, Lake Toxaway, NC, 8-08-1996 (SBD)

Shawn Lane was one of the most technically accomplished players of all time with a melodic ear, Lane was named by the American Guitar Institute as the "greatest guitarist who ever lived".  Shawn Lane died in 2003 but we can still hear his music.  This is a great recording of him shredding on the guitar with amazing bass player Jonas Helborg and the great Jeff Sipe on drums.  The musicianship on this is amazing. 
Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg & Jeff Sipe
Live at ROAM Fest
Lake Toxaway, NC
Sound Quality: A+
Shawn Lane - guitar
Jonas Hellborg - bass
Jeff Sipe - drums
01 - Improvisation
02 - Improvisation
03 - Baraji
04 - Stellar Rays
05 - Rice with the Angels

Total time: 59:33


  1. Many thanks for this - not many people post Shawn Lane despite his incredible talent and that of his bandmates Hellborg and Sipe. If you would like more, I have some fifty concerts of theirs in lossless WAV (including this one) and would be happy to send them to you, either in lossless or converted to mp3@320. FYI, this was the first day of a three-day festival:

    Hellborg-Lane-Sipe 1996-08-8/9/10
    Round Mountain Music Park, NC R.O.A.M. Fest WAV

    CD 1 8-08-1996
    1 Improv
    2 Improv 2 16:57
    3 Baraji 13:27
    4 Stellar Rays 16:22
    5 Rice With the Angels

    CD 2 8-09-1996
    1 Temporal Analogues of Paradise, 2nd Movement 9:29
    2 Heretics 9:14
    3 Juvalamu (Personae) 6:18
    4 Stellar Rays 4:00
    5 Abstract Logic 8:16
    6 Baraji 13:59

    CD 3 8-10-1996
    1 Temporal Analogues of Paradise, 1st Movement 9:05
    2 Improv 5:12
    3 Improv 20:26
    4 Deep Umbra (Hell Is Other People) 5:44
    5 Baraji 17:36
    6 Stellar Rays 4:03
    7 Rice With the Angels 12:11

    Drop me a comment here if you would like any more, cheers Dave Sez.

  2. Sure, give us some links to some more. I remember back in the day there was a blog called Dr. fusion that had a lot of this but the links have been dead for a very long time.

  3. Dave if you give me your e-mail I will contact you and not publish or post your e-mail.

  4. It would be great that you sure more Shawn Lane stuff here. I really love his albums. Thanks in advance!

  5. Well, I'm trying to contact Dave sez and get CDs two and three he listed.

  6. And not just those two - tons more and all of it great! I've written to AZ, so keep watching this blog ... cheers, Dave Sez.

  7. That's great, AZ and Dave. I remember this trio called themselves "jazz terrorists" as they were able to play everything and too far away from an standard jazz trio. Shawn Lane deserves to be remembered. Thanks again!

  8. Most welcome, Barleyman70, and indeed thanks to AZ for hosting this - much more to come, and all of it stunning! Keep checking back ...

    cheers, Dave Sez.

  9. Can't wait to see more Shawn Lane posts. His live material is very hard to find, so thank you for making them available!

  10. Thank you for the Shawn Lane recordings Arizona Jones and Dave Sez! I hope to see more recordings, as Shawn Lane live material is hard to find now.

  11. Thanks again, Dave and AZ. I will be coming here. I hope I could help in some way.