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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dizzy Gillespie, 1-32-92

Dizzy Gillespie
The Blue Note
New York City, NY.

Dizzy Gillespie was featured at the Blue Note in New York for a month during this period, virtually at the end of his playing career, He was 74 at the time. His supporting cast for this run of shows (heard from in different combinations) includes such major players as altoists Jackie McLean, Antonio Hart and Paquito D'Rivera and tenors Benny Golson, Clifford Jordan and David Sanchez, in addition to a strong trio led by pianist Danølo Perez.

Personnel during this run of shows :Paquito d'Rivera (Clarinet), Paquito d'Rivera (Sax (Alto)), Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet), Antonio Hart (Sax (Alto)), Danølo Perez (Piano), Kenny Washington (Drums), Lewis Nash (Drums), Charles Fishman (Producer), Benny Golson (Sax (Tenor)), Clifford Jordan (Sax (Tenor).

I have seen three different released from this run of shows and none of them have tracks the same lengths as these so I'm pretty sure this is not released.

This did not come with a song list. If anyone knows Dizzy and could help that would be great.

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  1. One of the old time greats like so many greats artist, Thank you for your posting and sharing such artist we us. Thank you AZ Jones

  2. No problem. I love Dizzy. Saw him once in the early 80s at Disnyland. It was Jazz night you got to see all kinds of Jazz greats as you walked around Disneyland, Saw Chick Corea and the yellow Jackets too that night. Dizzy played at the tommorowland pavilion with the stage that pops up out of the ground. He said as he opened, "Tonight instead of Disneyland it's going to be Dizzyland".

  3. The tracks are the following:

    01 – Billie’s Bounce
    02 – Confirmation
    03 – Mood Índigo
    04 – Straight, No Chaser & A Night In Tunísia
    06 – Bonus 1 – solo
    07 – Bonus 2 - solo