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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jerry Garcia with Legion Of Mary Band, 4-19-75

Legion Of Mary Band was just one of the many names of the projects that Jerry Garcia was involved with on the side when not doing the Grateful Dead. Durring the period between 1973 and 1975 Garcia was involved with, Old And In The Way, Great American String Band, Legion Of Mary Band, Garcia and Saunders, and Jerry Garcia Band. This is a very fine soundboard recording. This is the first of a series of several (eight or nine) Garcia side projects I am going to post from this time period in the near future.
Legion Of Mary Band
Oriental Theater
Milwaukee, WI

Jerry Garcia: Guitar
Merle Saunders: Keyboards
John Kahn: Bass
Martin Fiero: Horns
Ron Tutt: Drums

01 Tough Mama
02 It's No Use
03 Feel Like Dynamite
04 Leave Your Hat On
05 Every Word You Say
06 That's What Love Will Make You Do
07 Wicked Messenger
08 Harder They Come

This is most likely a partial show.
Total Time 89:43

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  1. AZ
    Thanks for this!! Great soundboard, not enough of these around. Looking forward to what you have in store from jerry. :}

  2. I have it and my tape was labeled as #1. Not sure how many there are or if I have more. Will look and digitize if so.