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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Del McCoury, Old And New, 1969 and 2010

I believe at this time Del's band was called the Dixie Pals, but I have seen it labeled both ways. The announcer introduces them as The Dixie Pals so I would go with that. This is some very nice early Del McCoury

Del McCoury Band (Del and His Dixie Pals)
August 8, 1969
Shade Gap Bluegrass Festival
Gettysburg, PA

Del McCoury - Guitar and vocals
Dick Stabler - Mandolin
Billy Sage - Fiddle
Donny Eldredge - Banjo
Dewey Renfro - Bass

Set 1
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Band Intros
John Henry, Footprints In The Snow
John Hardy, Bringing Mary Home
Slewfoot, The Crippled Boy
Katie Hill, Blue & Lonesome
Flower Blooming In The Wild
Working On A Building

Set 2
Intro, Dark Hollow
Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Uncle Pen
Sitting Alone In The Moonlight
Old Joe Clark, Prisoner Song
Orange Blossom Special

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This second one is from just about ten months ago. It has special guest David Grisman on the last seven songs. There was a track that was just 3 min. of dead air that I did not include. There are a couple of recording drop outs in John Henry and Half A Mind, but overall it is pretty good.

Del McCoury Band
The Mystic Theater
Petaluma, Ca

disc 1
01. Intro > Dry My Tears and Move On
02. She's Left Me Again
03. The Quicksburg Rendevous
04. Looking At A Deeper Shade Of Blue
05. Blackjack, 06. Nashville Cats
07. Lonesome Fiddle Blues, 08. Chat
09. Kentucky waltz, 10. Sweet Appalachia
11. I Feel the Blues Moving In
12. Chat, 13. 40 Acres and a Fool
14. Hello Lonely, 15. Lilly Hoskins
16. Henry Walker, 17. Baltimore Johnny
18. Chat, 19. Revenuer's Blues
20. Rocky Road Blues, 21. Looked Like an Angel
22. Half a Mind , 23. Dead Air (3:15)
24. John Henry , 25. Chat
26. Blackjack County Chains
27. Sea of Forgetfulness
28. Gone But Not Forgotten
29. Crowd > Encore Intro: David Grissman and Ed Neff
30. We Can't Be Darlings Any More #
31. Ed Neff Intro, 32. Panhandle Country @#
33. You'll Find Her Name Written There @#
34. Love'em and Leave'em @#, 35. Dawg's Bull @#
36. Chat, 37. True Lies Blues @#
38. Roanoke > Good Night @#

Total Time: 2:12:23
@ Ed Neff
# David Grissman

Del McCoury Band:
Del McCoury - Guitar/Vocals
Ronnie McCoury - Mandolin
Rob McCoury - Banjo
Jason Carter - Fiddle
Alan Bartrum - Bass

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  1. Hello AZ. Well, sir, you've done it again. Del old or new is del-icious. Thanks so much for the spectacular bluegrass. It's the perfect antidote to walls of water falling from the sky in January in Oregon. You've made our day once again. All the best to you,

    Iggymo and D

  2. Glad to bring some sun to your rainy day. Bless ya! AZ Jones

  3. AZ - I wont have time to listen to this for a few days - but thanks - this looks great - Dwight