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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weather Report, 5-13-1983

This is the post-Jaco edition of what many consider to be the greatest fusion band ever. I feel the rhythm section featuring Victor Bailey and Omar Hakim is able to do it more than justice. And with the ledgends of Zawinul and Shorter this version of Weather Report is still quite amazing. The sound on this is great. It must be a broadcast or soundboard.

Weather Report
Sartory Säle
Köln, Germany
May 13, 1983

Wayne Shorter - tenor & soprano saxophones
Joe Zawinul - keyboards
Victor Bailey - bass
Omar Hakim - drums
Jose Rossy - percussion

recorded live Sartory Säle, Köln, Germany, May 13, 1983

01 Procession
02 Fast City
03 The Peasant (a.k.a. Singapore)
04 Db Waltz
05 Blue Sound - Note 3 (Ballad)
06 Two Lines
07 Plaza Real
08 Medley of "greatest hits"
09 The Well
10 Where The Moon Goes

Download Link
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9IHBI0FQ WR_Rockpalast 1983.rar


  1. I keep coming back, year after year, to rediscover Weather Report. Most recently, I've been fascinated with the earliest incarnation of the group, when they were more abstract and out-there. However, I continue to enjoy all phases of the group, and this version of WR was the only version I got to see perform live. Looking forward to hearing this '83 vintage WR. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting this AZ, anyone who has any doubts about this incarnation of WR needs to hear it - fantastic - light years more enjoyable than the over-produced Domino Theory album this material would become. The Peasant never sounded better, Blue Note is a revelation and even plodding old Db Waltz is funky here. On a personal note, I have a bootleg (also mixing desk quality) of a Tokyo concert around the same time, which misses Procession and cuts out during the medley, so this has filled in some blanks. Cheers!