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Friday, January 28, 2011

Peter Rowan, two shows, 1980 and 2000

Here are two shows from Peter Rowan. These are both soundboards from twenty years apart. These feature Peter Rowans singing and songwriting and have some fine musicians to back him up including Tony Rice, one of the premier guitar players of bluegrass.

Peter Rowan and the Green Grass Gringos
Fox Lane High School
Bedford, NY

Peter Rowan – guitar, vocals
Tex Logan – fiddle, vocals
Barry Mitterhoff – mandolin
Lamar Greer – banjo
John Carlini – bass

disc one: 67:26
early show
01: tuning, 02: fiddle tune
03: Out On The Western Plain
04: Midnight Moonlight, 05: Diamond Joe
06: Free Mexican Air Force
07: Border Ride, 08: The River Of Stone
09: Clinch Mountain Backstep
10: Cold Rain And Snow, 11: Hobo Song
12: Land Of The Navajo, 13: Tall Timber

disc two: 44:15
late show
01: tuning, 02: fiddle tune
03: Panama Red, 04: Dust Bowl Children
05: Border Ride, 06: Prarie Lullaby
07: Riding High In Texas
08: The Northeast Seaboard Blues
09: Pig In A Pen, 10: Free Mexican Airforce
11: Out On The Western Plain

disc three: 40:21
01: Midnight Moonlight, 02: The Walls Of Time
03: Foggy Mountain Breakdown
04: Come Along Jody, 05: Land Of The Navajo
06: You Ramblin’ Boys Of Pleasure
07: Tall Timber

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QPWBZ749 Peter Rowan 80 three.rar

Peter Rowan & Tony Rice
Neighborhood Theater
Charlotte, NC

Peter Rowan: Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola
Tony Rice: Guitar
Billy Bright: Mandolin
Bryn Davies: Bass

1st Set:
1. Dust Bowl Children
2. Tumble//weed, 3. Hobo Song
4. Panama Red (w/Freight Train and Wildwood Flower)
5. Jerusalem Ridge
6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky >
7. Walls Of Time, 8. Moonshiner

2nd Set:
1. Trail Of Tears (Peter Solo)
2. The Blue Yodeler (Peter Solo)
3. Shenandoah (Tony Solo)
4. No Woman, No Cry
5. Pulling The Devil By The Tail
6. Cold Rain & Snow, 7. Band Intros
8. Midnight Moonlight, 9. Crowd
10. Pete’s Camp Howdy Rap
11. Free Mexican Airforce
12. Angel Island

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