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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trip To Rainbow Bridge

My Wife and I took a trip to Rainbow Bridge out at Lake Powell. Its a two hour boat ride one way. Its a fantastic lake with great scenery. I heard that the total length of this lakes shore line is equal to the California, Oregon and Washington shore lines combined. It's a darn big lake! with lots of little fingers and narow canyons going out in every direction. So their are many hiking oportunities. It can get pretty hot in the summer so bring lots of water. In Late July and August there are often thunder storms in the afternoon that can kick up waves. We found that in the good weather months a reservation for the trip should be made well in advance. The Trip starts and ends at the Wahweep Marina. For reservations contact Lake Powell Resorts And Marinas. http://www.lakepowell.com/tours.aspx 888-896-3829. Another time I went we rented a ski boat and water skied and camped out over nignt out on the shore of the lake.

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