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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Was Not or I AM

Sometimes I read the Bible and something just seems so boring. And I think.. . . . This is God's inspired word. It doesn't seem very inspired. As a matter of fact it's putting me to sleep.
Well that happened to me over this part. Genesis 5. We are only five little chapters into it, 12 pages in my bible, and here is this long list. This guy lives this may years and begot this one and the this guy lived this may years and begot that one. and on and on. But then I thought. every word is supposed to have reason and meaning. So I looked again. The first thing that stood out was in Genesis 3:5 Adam begot a son in his own likeness. Earlier Adam was made in God's likeness. But Adam made a son in his own likeness. and that effects every one. We are no longer in Gods likeness.
Anyway that could be a long side trip and it's not where I want to go. The second part that really stood out was that this long list of guys all live and then die except one. The exception appears to be important. Enoch walked with God three hundred years and "was not". So I thought about it and realized Gods name in Genesis is I AM. And the only guy in this whole list that walked with God was not. So he is the one
who gets it. And He "was not" and God is I AM.
well that is interesting. We all are trying to be somebody. But really God just wants us to be a was not. Wow that really relates to a lot of other scripture. Jesus said in Matthew 10:39 "He who finds his life will lose it and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." Well that list in Genesis 5 is the same thing. A bunch of people living their lives for self and dying or "loosing their lives" And one guy who makes his life about God and doesn't loose it.
It's not about trying to be somebody. It's about letting God be the somebody in your life
Look at John the Baptist. Jesus said he was the greatest of all the prophets. Why? He didn't lead a nation to freedom, bring fire from the sky, conquer the promised land. So what made him so great? He just pointed out to everyone who Jesus was. And then said there should be less of me and more of Him. We all, or at least I feel many of us need a little less of us and a little more of God in our lives. After all there is only one I AM and I'm not it. So try being was not today and See how it works for you. Give it a try. God can handle it. It's in His job description. A life worth living if full of living for others.

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