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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Brecker Brothers, New York City, NY 1977

So do you like funky funky music? Cause this is FUNKY. Back in the 70s the Disco fad was going on and there was this thing that spread into rock and jazz music. This is an example of some of the funky jazz fusion that was going on at the time.

Brecker Brothers
Bottom Line
New York City, NY

Michael Brecker : Saxophone
Randy Brecker : Trumpet
Steve Khan : Guitar
Will Lee : Bass
Chris Parker : Drums
Don Grolnick : Keyboards
Sammy Figuroa : Percussion

Set List
01 – Sneakin’ Up Behind You
02 – Cactus
03 – Nightflight
04 – A Creature Of Many Faces
05 – If You Wanna Boogie, Forget It
06 – Sneakin’Up Behind You
07 – Inside Out


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