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Monday, February 20, 2017

Lee Ritenour, Reseda CA, 5-28-1981 (SBD)

Lee Ritenour
Wolf and Rissmiller's Country Club
Reseda, CA. USA
May 28, 1981
promoting his album "rit"
runtime: 93:06 (minutes/ seconds)
Lee Ritenour: guitar
Eric Tagg: vocals
Gary Herbig: saxophone
Don Grusin: piano
Alex Acuña: drums and percussion
Steve Foreman: percussion
Nathan East: bass
Bill Champlin: keyboards, guitar and vocals
1: countdown (Captain Fingers) 8:58
2: feel the night 5:31
3: on the slow glide intro 3:02
4: on the slow glide 9:22
5: tell me pretty lies 6:12
6: band introductions 2:51
7: dreamwalk 4:22 (Lee solo acoustic guitar)
8: market place ->morning glory 16:01 (cuts, spliced at 6:17 and 7:02 for interruptions in recording) 9: is it you? 5:19
10: Sugarloaf Express 7:27
11: fly by night 7:29
12: Mr. Briefcase 4:11
13: the Captain's journey 8:08
14: the Captain's journey (part II) 4:13 (end cuts in drum solo)


  1. Wonderful to see you back in action. And as always you have impeccacle taste. Great show.

  2. welcome back!
    hope you've been well....