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Monday, February 20, 2017

Jazz Is Dead, With Derek Trucks, 4-24-99 (SBD)

This is a great sounding recording of a great group of musicians. There is just some fantastic playing by everyone involved on this. The date of this show might be wrong. I was under the impression that Billy Cobham was the drummer during 1998 and Sipe and Morgenstien came in 1999. So it might be 4-24-99. They were touring the west in April of both years so it is hard to tell. If anyone knows the true date help me out. I have not been able to find this on any other site so maybe it was on the older Dr. Fusion before he got axed and had to rebuild. Anyway here it is for all to enjoy.

I had a lot of requests to re-post this. 

Jazz Is Dead
House Of Blues
Hollywood, CA

Jimmy Herring: Guitar
Alphonso Johnson: Bass
T. Lavits: Keyboards
Jeff Sipe: Drums
Rod Morgenstein: Drums

China Cat Sunflower
Crazy Fingers
Blues For Allah
Cumberland Blues
Mississippi Half Step
Row Jimmy #
Scarlet Begonias #
Here Comes Sunshine
Sunshine Continued
Eyes Of The World
Weather Report
Let It Grow
Stella Blue
Terrapin Station
Dark Star

# With Derek Trucks

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  1. Exellent music, great sound so thanks for the quality post, once again. Hadn't heard the band before:- great musicianship. Bob

  2. Thanks again, Mr.Jones. You made me happy again with an excellent recording of a great band. And you are right. It the musicians line-up is correct, then the correct year is 1999.

  3. What a great recording!! I wonder if you have got some recordings with Jeff Bevar on guitar replacing Jimmy Herring. Thanks again!

  4. Barleyman70. The lineup is right because there is a verbal band introduction. So it must be 1999 but it came labled 1998

  5. Love this band, amazing musicianship all around. I saw them in Birmingham Alabama? in 1999 and met Jimmy Herring then. Real nice guy. Check out The Aquarium Rescue Unit he's in that band too. Now he plays with Widespread Panic.

  6. I agree, Mr. Jones. I listened to this recording several times and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again!
    And check out A.R.U., another great band. I know where you can download soundboard recordings of that band if you want to. Best, M.

  7. Barleyman. As long as it is not official releases give us all the links. My next Jimmy Herring Post will be Justice League Of America, from 2000. Same Keyboards but Ritchie Hayward of Little Feat on drums. There is a post with Jimmy Herring with Little feat on this blog as well as a couple with Derek Trucks

  8. As far as Jazz Is Dead, I am working on some with the newer lineup Jeff Pevar on guitar. And I still have several more of the Jimmy herring lineup (at least one I have never seen on any blog)so stay tuned.

  9. Hi,thanks for great boots...
    But what about Gregg Allman on the cover?
    A ghost?...

  10. You are kidding, right? That is not Gregg. It is Jimmy Herring

  11. Wonder if you could re-up this one too please.

  12. Could you reload this one and the other 3 with a dead link. Thank's. Great blog. A+

  13. AZ Jones - As of now, the links seem to be no good anymore. Would you know how I could get a hold of this now? (JID - House of Blues - 4/24/98)

  14. Hi AZ Jones - I love this bootleg (House of Blues). Your links don't seem to be good anymore. Do you have the downloads posted somewhere else? Thanks for making them available!

  15. AZ Jones - Seems you've re-posted the House of Blues recordings. Thanks for making all this great music available!

  16. Wonderful to see you posting again. Your quality recordings were sorely missed. Thank you for this one, I got to know this outstanding band from your website. Along with many great blue/new grass artists. Welcome 'back' and thank you again.

  17. occasionally getting maudlin, wistful and wishful, i wonder if azjones is still up and shure enough.....yeah,buddy,he's still there with good links. thank you for the light that you are. earlthprl in mesa.