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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Larry Carlton, Huntington Beach, CA, 4-19-1980 (SBD)

Larry Carlton
Golden Bear
Huntington Beach, Ca.
April 19, 1980 (2nd set)
soundboard recording
runtime: 45:36 (minutes/ seconds)
Larry Carlton: guitar
Greg Mathison: keyboards
Don Freeman: keyboards
Pops Popwell: bass
John Ferraro: drums
1: ? 12:37
2: I am a fool 5:57
3: ? 18:31
4: Band introductions 1:51
5: Guitar solo 4:57
6: The Magician 1:42 (end cuts)

1 comment:

  1. Great Jazz fusion Blog...
    In the Larry Carlton Live At The Golden Beach:
    the unnamed tracks are from the 1978 Larry Carlton's first album:
    Track 1 ROOM 335
    Track 3 RIO SAMBA
    Track 5 (IT WAS) ONLY YESTERDAY with Guitar improv solos.
    The thing is that Larry improvise a few minutes before to begin the song.
    Is a Great Jam and I think he's promoting his second album from 1980 "Larry Carlton Strikes Twice"... Thanks!