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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tim O'Brien, Nashville, TN, 12-07-08 (SBD)

This is a fine bluegrass show with Tim O'Brien backed by one of the finest guitar players in bluegrass today, Bryan Sutton.
Tim O'Brien
The Station Inn - Nashville, TN
Soundboard matrix

-Set One- (64m)
01 Introduction
02 Train On The Island
03 Walk Beside Me
04 Kitchen Girl
05 Hoss Race
06 Where's Love Come From
07 Red Dog In The Morning
08 The Garden
09 Groundspeed
10 Working On A Building
11 Heck Among The Yearlings
12 Everything Fades
13 Making Plans
14 Christmas Time's A Coming

-Set Two- (76m)
15 Look Down That Lonesome Road
16 Wicked Messenger
17 Pistol Packin Mama
18 Busted
19 Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
20 Let's Go Hunting
21 Cornbread Nation
22 Get Out There And Dance
23 Crooked Road
24 Jack Of Diamonds >
25 Sugar In The Gourd
26 My Rose Of Old Kentucky
27 Hangman's Reel
28 You Don't Have To Move That Mountain
29 Tombstone Blues
30 Norwegian Wood
31 Brother Wind

Tim O'Brien - Vocals, Mandolin, Bazouki, Fiddle
Bryan Sutton - Guitar, Vocals
Danny Barnes - Banjo, Vocals
Dennis Crouch - Bass

Download Links
Part One
Part Two

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks for posting so many acoustic and Bluegrass shows!
    Recently on Dime there was a Ralph Stanley concert from July 69, Berryville, VA.
    Unfortunately, I'm too dumb to handle torrents,
    is there any chance you can help and put it up here?
    Rank Stranger