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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jimmy Herring and Justice League Of America, 1-18-2000 (SBD)

A short lived band with members of Little Feat, Dixie Dregs, and Widespread Panic, and Jazz Is Dead.  Great jamming on this one to be sure. 
Justice League of America
Wetlands, NYC
Disc 1:
2.Swamp Funk> (ARU tune renamed)
3.Headstrong (ARU tune)
4.Cissy Strut
5.What If (Dixie Dregs)
7.Day Or Night>Drums>Time Loves A Hero (Little Feat)
Disc 2:
1.Yin (Adam Nitti tune)
2.Morning Dew
3.Day At (Dixie Dregs tune)
4.Dark Star
Justice League members:
Jimmy Herring-guitar
T Lavitz-Keyboards
Adam Nitti-bass guitar
Richie Hayward-drums

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to have to give this a listen. Anything, with Richie Hayward is well worth more than a listen! T Lavitz also was in another band that toured, recorded and played with another lmusician from and of Little Feat - The Bluesbusters - that was one with Paul Barrere, Freebo, Larry Zack as well as Lavitz. At one point Brian Auger did a tour with them.
    There was also another great grouping with Vassar Clements, Kenny Gradney, RIchie Hayward & Catfish Hodge - they toured as "The Hillbilly Funk All Stars'. That's a band I never saw but would love to have had a chance to hear
    Thanks for the music!