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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Los Lobos, Hog Farm Pignic, 8-31-1997 (SBD)

The Hog Farm is an organization considered to be America's longest running hippie commune. With beginnings as an actual collective hog farm in Tujunga, California, the group, founded in the 1960s by peace activist and clown Hugh Romney.  Huge latter became known as Wavy Gravy a name he was given by B.B King at the Texas Internatonal Pop Festival, where the Hog Farm was responsible for security.  The Hog Farm is perhaps best known for their involvement with the Woodstock Music Festival. While lodging on Manhattan's East Side from 1968–69, the Farm was approached by Woodstock Ventures with a proposal to participate in a planned music festival in upstate New York. Today, the Hog Farm is still in existence, with various locations including a headquarters in Berkeley, California, and a 200+ acre farm in Laytonville, California, known as Black Oak Ranch.  The Anual Hog Farm Pignic is a annual music event held traditionaly on Labor Day weekend. 
Los Lobos
Hog Farm Pignic
Laytonville, CA
01 Everybody Loves a Train
02 Colossal Head
03 Maricela
04 That Train Don't Stop Here
05 One Time, One Night
06 Wicked Rain
07 Down on the Riverbed
08 I Walk Alone
09 Dear Mr. Fantasy
10 Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
11 Anselma
12 Kiko and the Lavender Moon
13 Let's Say Goodnight
14 Georgia Slop
15 Don't Worry Baby
16 Will the Wolf Survive?
17  Bertha
18 talk


  1. Hi AZ. You have really smacked my "sweet spot" with these great Lobos and Tim O'Brien offerings. You are kind and generous, and I thank you...


  2. Bubba !!! Now, this is a great sounding SOUNDBOARD.
    T-H-A-N-X, S.A. ~