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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Seldom Scene, Birchmere, 12-31-1995 (SBD) Re-Post

This is a great new years eve show billed as The Seldom Scene “Passed, Present & Future”. It has different members from the different times in the long storied history of the band all playing in this show. It is three Cds of Seldom Scene gold! I tried to make a cover that represented this unique historic event.

Seldom Scene
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
December 31, 1995

Band In Order of Appearance:
John Duffey
Ben Eldridge
Mike Aldridge
T. Michael Coleman
Moondi Klein
John Starling
Tom Gray
Lou Reed
Jimmy Gaudreau
Ronnie Simpkins
Fred Travers
Dudley Connell
Jeana Britt

Disc 1 78:22
1st Set:

1. Big Train From Memphis
2. Grandpa Get Your Guitar
3. Wait A Minute
4. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
5. Workin’ On A Building
6. This Morning At 9
7. Blue Ridge
8. – Enter John Starling – Exit Moondi Klein
9. Carolina Star
10. Hickory Wind
11. Sled Ride
2nd Set:
12. Like We Used To Do
13. – Enter Lou Reed – Exit John Starling
14. Breaking New Ground
15. Muddy Water
16. Say You Lied
17. Long Black Veil
18. West Texas Wind
19. Have Mercy On My Soul

Disc 2 66:13
1. Exit T. Michael Coleman - Enter Tom Gray -
2. Sitting On Top Of The World
3. Grandfather’s Clock
4. – Enter John Starling – Exit Lou Reed -
5. Hello Mary Lou
6. Keep Me From Blowin’ Away
7. Little Georgia Rose
8. Raised By The Railroad Line
9. Old Train
3rd Set:
10. Introducing the “New Seldom Scene” John Duffey, Ben Eldridge,
Jimmy Gaudreau, Ronnie Simpkins, Fred Travers, Dudley Connell
11. Our Last Goodbye Today
12. A Reason For Being
13. Blue Diamond
14. Will You Be Ready To Go Home
15. Tulsa Chili Bop
16. Willie Roy
17. Standing In The Need Of Prayer
18. A Train Leaves Here This Morning

Disc 3 45:02
Everybody On Stage for Midnight
1. NYE Countdown >
2. Auld Lang Syne
3. John Starling Introduces “Country Gentlemen Time”
4. Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party
5. - Exit John Duffey- Enter Chesapeake -
6. Black Jack Davey
7. Shady Grove
8. House Of The Rising Sun >Walk Don’t Run
9. -Enter John Starling -
10. Those Memories Of You
11. - Enter Lou Reed -
12. Caroline At The Broken Wheel Inn
13. – Enter Jeana Britt & Return John Duffey
14. Drifting Too Far From The Shore

Note New Years Eve Show Billed as Seldom Scene “Passed, Present & Future”

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  1. Hi AZ. You've done it again. Only this time you've gone and made my entire weekend, if not week. I love these guys, and this is just great Scene music. Hope your weekend is filled with delights. Thanks so much,


  2. I knew that Iggy would be on this one. Gald you like t Iggy.

  3. Hello AZ Jones!
    Today I have listened to cd one and I'm really impressed! The playing and especially the singing is impeccable, as is the recording quality! Over here in Germany we rarely have the opportunity to see a top Bluegrass act in concert, so we are depending on official live albums and blogs like yours!
    Thank you very much!
    Rank Stranger

  4. Could get a repost of this. Please and Thanks in Advance.

  5. This will be fun! I've seen the Scene with all of these players in various configurations, and my first date with my wife was at this Birchmere to see the Phil Rosenthal version of the band. We were so glad at this time that the band was going to reformulate again after the Chesapeake mutiny. Good times!

  6. So glad to return almost 5 years later and grab these jewels again! One nice thing about getting a bit older is forgetting some good things that you can then repeat joyfully. Count me in on the Joy, volume Two. Iggyaged

  7. Lovely performances! Thanks for sharing this.