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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eric Clapton, Tokyo Japan, October 1993 (SBD)

This one is a really nice Eric Clapton recording, recorded over several nights at Tokyo's Budokan Theater.  It has a great mix of Clapton doing traditional blues like his "Cradle Music" stuff, and some of his classic rock, and a little of  the pop hits he received Grammys for.  It appears to be a Soundboard / PreFM  that was mixed for broadcast with a mix of soundboard with some crowd mics used to get that live ambience.  It was taken from some Mid Valley silvers.  This is a must for any Clapton fan
Eric Clapton
"Into the Fire"
Budokam Theatre
Tokyo, Japan
October 25th,26,27th, 1993

Mid Valley - MVR -SI-001/002 - SB 6 (Scale 1-6)
Disc 1:
1. Malted Milk
2. Terraplane Blues
3. How Long
4.  32-20
5. Kidman Blues
6. County Jail
7.  .44
8. Blues Leave Me Alone
9. Tell Me Mama
10. White Room
11. Badge
12. Wonderful Tonight
13. Stone Free
Disc 2:
1. Circus Left Town
2. Tears in Heaven
3. Crossroads
4. Tearing Us Apart
5. Groaning the Blues
6. Cocaine
7. Ain't Nobody's Business
8. Layla


  1. Nice one AZ! I hadn't seen this one before. Thanks for all the kind words and input my blog recently. Really appreciate it! Hope all is well my good friend.

  2. Hi Arizona,

    Shaln't miss getting this one. If you'd like, I could send you this one, top quality studio sessions and one of my favourite Claptons:

    94.09.28 Eric Clapton - "From The Cradle" tour rehearsals
    Sony Studios, Manhattan Center, NYC, September 28, 1994
    Studio Soundboard MP3@320
    This version: "Blues Rehearsals" (with SNL 1994 bonuses), Kiss The Stone KTS382.
    Aka "The Last Rehearsal" (The Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-183, no SNL bonuses)

    Eric Clapton
    Dave Bronze (Bass)
    Andy Newmark (Drums)
    Simon Clarke (Saxophone)
    Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)
    Roddy Lorimer (Trumpet)
    Tim Sanders (Sax)
    Chris Stainton (Keyboards)
    Jerry Portnoy (Harmonica)

    01 - Hootchie Coochie Man
    02 - Tore Down
    03 - Sinner's Prayer
    04 - Motherless Child
    05 - Malted Milk
    06 - Born Under A Bad Sign
    07 - Someday After A While
    08 - It Hurts Me Too
    09 - 44
    10 - Five Long Years
    11 - Crossroads
    12 - Ain't Nobody's Business
    13 - Tore Down*
    14 - Five Long Years*
    *"Saturday Night Live" on 09/24/94.

    artwork included

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  3. Dave. Thanks for the offer. Truth is I have that show. I posted it and for some reason there was a complaint that it had official material, and it was taken down and my links were removed. I'm still not sure why.