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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA 8-31-1990 (FM)

This is from a tape I have had for years.  This is feel good music with a sense of humor.
Two guys playing tin pan alley blues music.  It's acoustic guitar and harmonica.  They are joined by percussionist Jody Huelets, playing a cardboard box, Jack Daniel Gift carton. 
Love songs like "How can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away" and social protest songs like "Who Drank My Beer?" make this a fun listen. I believe the last song is from a show at Amy's Orchid Lounge the next night.  If you want to smile listen to this.
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan
Strawberry Music festival
Camp Mather
Yosemite, CA
Soundboard -> FM feed -> cassete tape -> Wav
01. It's Your Red Wagon
02. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?
03. Your Mind Is In The Gutter
04. Should Have Been Me
05. Sweet Georgia Brown (Instrumental)
06. Don't Burn The Candle At Both Ends
07. Filthy Rich
08. Days Like This
09. Thats The Story Of Thats The Glory Of Love (Instrumental)
10. My Last Meal
11. Stage chatter
12. Stage Chatter
13. Don't Roll Those Blood Shot Eyes At Me
14. More Stage Banter
15. Too Much Fun
16. Crowd Noise
17. Dollar Down And A Dollar When I'm Caught
18. Who Drank My Beer
19. Anouncer Talk
Encore Two:
20. Who's In The Jail House Now
21. Chicken A La Blue
If you like what you hear support these guys.  Go here and buy there great music, and go to their shows.  http://www.tomballkennysultan.com/main.html   and http://sitekreator.com/havaball/main_page_bio.html

If you want to see these guys live in a great environment, they often play on Sundays at the Cold Springs Tavern out in the San Marcos Pass north of Santa Barbra.  http://coldspringtavern.com/  Great out of the way outdoors environment for music, food, and something cold to drink.  

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