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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shawn Lane and Jonas Hellborg, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Three shows from October 2000 (SBD)

Here is yet another bunch of recordings of guitar legend Shawn Lane.  This one still has great bass player Jonas Hellborg but has a different drummer and an added keyboard player.  This is three shows on consecutive days in Buenos Aries Argentina.  There are some amazing covers of Hendrix on this that are really worth listening to.  I got this from the Dr. Fusion blog back in the day.  That blog was an amazing source of great recordings.   
Shawn Lane and Jonas Hellborg
La Colorada
Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 13,14,15- 2000

Source: Soundboard
Quality: Very Good+/Excellent

Shawn Lane - Guitar
Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Tommy Priaccus - Keys
Les Birchfield - Drums

CD1 : 10/13/2000
Set List (71:17)
01 - Peace In Mississippi (Hendrix Cover) > Temporal Analogues 1st Movement (excerpt)
02 - Rules Of The Game
03 - Rice With The Angels
04 - Trademark (Eric Johnson Cover)
05 - Movie Theme Song Medley
06 - Rice With The Angels

CD2: 10/14/2000
Set List (70:32)
01 - Peace In Mississippi (Hendrix Cover)
02 - Improvisation > Abstract Logic
03 - Rice With The Angels
04 - Trademark (Eric Johnson Cover)


CD3: 10/15/2000
Set List (71:34)
01 - Rules Of The Game > Peace In Mississippi > Temporal Analogues
02 - Song For Diane
03 - La Grange > Improvisation

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  1. Mr Lane was one in a trillion , can you update the Buenos aires links